Terms and Conditions


The following definitions shall apply in relation to this statement of Terms & Conditions:

It shall be considered that The Client has confirmed Their agreement to these Terms & Conditions on receipt of a payment for Service(s).


1. Service(s) shall be limited to the provision of web-based products only, and as defined by Me In Writing. 
2. Consultancy and Training shall be delivered through online channels only. 
3. Service(s) shall not be provided to individuals or organisations whose work would be considered political or contentious.

Creative License

18. The Client will agree to any slight modification of any image, graphic or other content provided if I consider that such an amendment will be beneficial to the effectiveness of the project.

Content Integrity

19. It shall remain the responsibility of The Client to ensure that Their website content reflects Them in an accurate manner, is free of errors and does not contain material deemed inappropriate or defamatory. 
20. The Client shall be responsible for any Copyright clearances in relation to the images or documents They submit in relation to Service(s) provided. 
21. All notes, sketches, forms, and other documentation provided to a Client by Me shall remain My property and must not be copied or shared with third parties.


22. While My Service(s) do adhere to best practice in terms of design, Search Engine Optimisation, and content creation, I do not guarantee top rankings on any search engine. 
23. While My Service(s) are mindful of security standards and legal guidelines, The Client shall accept full responsibility for ensuring Their website operates within international and local laws and they shall discharge Me of all associated liability.


24. I will endeavour to deliver stable and secure Service(s) but I offer no undertaking that they shall remain 100% free from errors or security flaws after handover to The Client. 
25. The Client shall accept full responsibility for updating software and maintaining good security practices in relation to Their website, social media accounts and any devices that are used to control them. 
26 .The Client shall discharge me of all liability for loss of Service(s) or damage to business or reputation caused because of inappropriate use of Their systems by employees or associates, website security breaches (including social media) or a force majeure. 
27. Access to My server accounts shall not be granted to The Client or any third party They appoint.

Updated December 2022